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April 22-24, 1865

Saturday, April 22, 1865

lovely morning to is the day long to be remembered i have bin very busy all morning the President comes in town this afternoon i went out about 3 in the afternoon it was the gravest funeral i ever saw

Sunday, April 23, 1865

the coffin and hearse was beutiful this morning went down to see the President but could not for the crowd mr robinson spoke for us in the afternoon very interesting sermon after church Vincent and i tried to get to see the President

Monday, April 24, 1865

i got to see him after waiting tow [two] hours and a half it was certainly a sight worth seeing very Pelesent i did not to mr lively we went to the concert it was very nice with one exception lizzie brown sung


Annotation 1

President Lincoln’s catafalque making its way down Broad Street in Philadelphia on April 22, 1865

On April 22, 1865 the body of President Lincoln was escorted by a military and civic procession to Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Emilie also notes this event in the miscellaneous pages at the end of the diary. “Our Dead President in Philadelphia,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 24, 1865. Emilie also notes this event in the miscellaneous pages at the end of 1865. To view this entry, click here.

Annotation 2

Emilie may have attended the “amateur concert” put on by LUA. Apparently, the concert was led by many brave but perhaps untalented souls, as Emilie lamented her friend Lizzie’s singing ability. “Notice,” The Christian Recorder, April 22, 1865; “The Amateur Concert,” The Christian Recorder, April 22, 1865.


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