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April 28-30, 1863

Tuesday, April 28, 1863.

very Pleasent meeting at rachels Nell was here last night we went around to aunt Janes before meeting cristy came in […]were barker had steped

Wednesday 29

out very rainy all day I have bin very buisy with my Dress Nellie did not com up glasters levee cam off to night Next sundy the long looked for meeting comes off

Thursday 30

i finished wrighting William to day another stormy day to day is set apart as a national fast day i spent the evening home no letter

Annotation 1

The Inquirer reported that Thursday, April 30 was the “day appointed by the President of the United States for humiliation, fasting, and prayer.” Services were held at various churches throughout the city, all public and private offices were closed, and public school children were granted a vacation. Both Presidents Lincoln and Davis proclaimed several “National Fast” days during the course of the war to pray for clemency and forgiveness from God for the sins of the war. “The National Fast Day,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 29, 1863.


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