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April 4-6, 1863

Saturday, April 4, 1863.

quite a large fire near us last night neal leaft at 6 this morning Tomy sailed on Thursday for Port Roal [Royal] very stormy today snowing and hailing furiously

Sunday 5

very disagreeable day raining all the morning Nellie is not well i went down to Church Mr Cato Preached very fervant i spent quite a pleasent evening no one came

Monday 6

up to see me i spent the evening in reading the history of Abraham very dul day Nellie came up i went out 10 st and arch with her Mr gardeners

Annotation 1

Tommy’s ship, a steamer named the USS Cimarron, served in the U.S. naval blockade off the coast of South Carolina—explaining Emilie’s reference to Port Royal, South Carolina. “The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System,”


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