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December 9-11, 1863

Wednesday, December 9, 1863.

very busy cleaning house every thing upside down last night I saw sony taylor and heard tomy amos was here i hope i will get

Thursday 10

to see him I have bin trying to collect money for the organ tom was at EJs this evening he went down to mrs hills with nell and i we spent quite

Friday 11

a Pleasent evening dane Chester was there and vincent Nell was up here and by norristown come up in the evening the

Annotation 1

Emilie’s efforts to collect money for an “organ” may have been for the Anti-Slavery Society or other abolitionist organizations. Though Emilie does not reference him, Frederick Douglass spoke again on Thursday, December 10. Douglass spoke about the war, abolition, and suffrage for African Americans. “City Intelligence,” Philadelphia Inquirer, December 12, 1863.


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