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February 21-23, 1865

Tuesday, February 21, 1865

i had quite a nice circle clear not very well to day Nell stoped in the after noon i told her about Vincent we went up to meeting we had quite a cheering meeting

Wednesday, February 22, 1865

lovely bright day not very well i have something like the rheumatism busy all day hannah Brown stoped to see me John Sismson has enlisted i was quite Disappointed this evening i expected Vincent he

Thursday, February 23, 1865

did not come raining I entended to stand for our potograhes this morning i did not go anywhere untill evening we went to Shiloh they very interesting meetings there

Annotation 1

According to a period medical reference book, symptoms of rheumatism included inflammation, limited mobility of joints, aching or soreness, and fever. Today this condition is usually referred to as arthritis. Wood, Treatise, 468-482.

Annotation 2

Founded in 1842 by Reverend John F. Raymond, Shiloh Baptist Church, located near the corner of Clifton and South Streets, was the home church of prominent abolitionist and black minister Jeremiah Asher. Catto, A Semi-Centenary Discourse, 109; Asher, Incidents, title page.


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