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January 28-30, 1865

Saturday, January 28, 1865.

last evening i went to hear John Smith read Vincent taken me i was quite delighted but i cought a severe cold from wich i have bin sick to day

Sunday 29

beautiful morning not quite so cold my hand is aching so badly i can hardly write in the afternoon i went to church Doct Johnes spent Ellen treated me very cool what from i

Monday 30

cant Define quite Pleasent my side is very painful this morning i was not able to go out this evening Vincent ever constant stoped after school

Annotation 1

Emilie may have heard John Smith deliver his first public reading as a demonstration of his educational attainment and ability. An advertisement in the Recorder described another student’s first reading: S. Morgan Smith read “selections from Shakespeare, Whittier, and some others of our best poets.” The article mentioned future such readings by “our two pioneer readers, Mr. J. Henry Smith and Mr. S. Morgan Smith;” the former may have been the same John Smith that Emilie heard read, perhaps an ICY classmate. “Reading in Concert Hall,” The Christian Recorder, March 18, 1865.


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