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June 15-17, 1865

Thursday, June 15, 1865

good success very Pleasent we started about 1/3 Ps [past] nine for the […] the boat left at ten we had a Pleasant trip up the river around at white hall about 12 i shall

Friday, June 16, 1865

ever remember white hall oh we did not get time to Distribut the things as we wished but we enjoyed ourselfes very much very Pleasent out to day barker was here this evening

Saturday, June 17, 1865

paid me quite a pleasent visit vincent was up his visits are mostly pleasent i went down town to hear the […] news neal arrived last night


Annotation 1

Seventeen miles up the Delaware River, White Hall, located on the grounds of and old Episcopal college, served as a hospital during the Civil War. Green, History of Bristol, 73.


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