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June 9-11, 1865

Friday, June 9, 1865

very busy puting away the light clothing raining very hard in the morning Vincent come down he is ever constant

Saturday, June 10, 1865

quite Pleasant i have bin out shoping Nell was here a minute i stoped home a few minutes

Sunday, June 11, 1865

lovely day i went to church in the morning mr gibbs Preached in the afternoon we had a scotchman he spoke well home in the evening Vincent short

Annotation 1

Article from the Philadelphia Inquirer announcing the return of Philadelphia’s volunteer troops

Philadelphians welcomed home many of their volunteers on June 10. “Arrival of the Regiments,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 10, 1865; “A Welcome Home to the One-Hundred-And-Nineteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 10, 1865.


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