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May 28-30, 1863

Thursday, May 28, 1863.

lovely day liz and i went out visiting we went to call on miss fraler and mrs reed then went down to the […] ing i went out to see mrs harris then went

Friday 29

down to the concert it came off very well i have not heard a word from father i fear they have seceded very buisy all day have not seen Nellie mary went to

Saturday 30

the concert i went down home found no one there as usal stop at nellies we had quite a long chat


Annotation 1

“[T]he teachers of Bethel Sabbath School” put on a “grand concert” on Thursday, May 28, 1863 at Sansom Street Hall for the purpose of supporting Wilberforce University. The Recorder called the performance “a most praiseworthy object,” and celebrated the singing of “Miss Maston, a teacher in the Sabbath School,” noting that “on entering the hall one would conclude that [Maston’s] was the voice of one of the Hutchinson family.” “Grand Concert,” The Christian Recorder, May 30, 1863.

Annotation 2

It had been several weeks since her father had boarded a train to Harrisburg.  Emilie’s worries about her father’s safe arrival would become compounded in the weeks to come as rebels began appearing in south central Pennsylvania in advance of Robert E. Lee’s invasion of the North.


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