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May 7-9, 1863

Thursday, May 7, 1863.

Thursday raining I did not go in the morning to the school exsamination in the afternoon it was very much crowed Cristy had a […] spelling class in the afternoon for

Friday 8

our benifit the exsercises this morning were very good Sue came in the morning to see wauford Nellie and anne stoped as they we going

Saturday 9

quite a fine day Nellie stoped here as she went up down town this morning in the evening went to the milleners for my bonnet


Annotation 1

Five students took the annual written exams required for graduation at the Institute for Colored Youth, answering questions in Mathematics (Geometry, Plane Trigonometry, and Spherical Trigonometry), Latin, and Greek. The Recorder published the examinees’ scores and their ranking on each of the tests. Caroline Le Count graduated from the school with the highest scores in all three categories. After graduation, Le Count taught at her alma mater and became active in civil rights politics. “Institute for Colored Youth,” The Christian Recorder, May 16, 1863.


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