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Memoranda 1863 1


I sent two letters up to harrisburg by harriet Chester I have one dollar of […] I have written two letters to my sister and have received no answer Addel gordon called to see me and

Friday last 20 i owe her a visit the first Sunday in every month i must cut the ends of my hair

The Baneker gurds started for Harrisburge on the 17th returned on the 18th without a scare

Annotation 1

After the December 31, 1863 entry, Emilie filled up pages titled “Memoranda” with various news items, social obligations, reminders and to-do lists.  She seems also to have used these pages as a place to record some of the most memorable moments of 1863, like her description of Governor Andrew Curtin’s refusal to accept black recruits to defend the state from Lee’s invasion in June 1863 (the Banneker men who were turned back from Harrisburg on June 17th) and the refugees from south-central Pennsylvania who fled the Army of Northern Virginia (ANV).  Because the ANV was conducting slave raids as part of this invasion, people of color were particularly eager to get out of his way.  Black Pennsylvanians were likely prominent among the refugees Davis saw. Emilie also notes this event on June 17, 1863. To view this entry click here.


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