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Memoranda 1864 2


Saturday […] I visited the with mrs Wister it certainly was worth going to we visited all the Principle Places of interest when i cam [came] out i had seen so much i hardly could recolect who i had seen I saw a perfect deal of handsome work but i did not see any done by any colored person there might of bin some things their [there] i did not see martin was at our house on Sunday 2 July i did not see him i was up to whites

Annotation 1

Emilie worked for a Mrs. Wister in Germantown, likely Sarah Butler Wister, Fanny Kemble’s daughter.

Emilie seems to be arranging her summer employment with a Mrs. Wister in Germantown.  It is likely she is referring to Dr. Owen J. Wister and his wife, author Sarah Butler Wister who lived in Germantown.  Dr. Wister had a busy traveling medical practice, visiting patients throughout Germantown and northwest Philadelphia.  And Sarah Butler Wister was the daughter of the British actress, Fanny Kemble. Emilie leaves for Germantown on June 7, 1864, instead of June 1st, as she had initially intended, and continues working until September 20, 1864.  Steven J. Peitzman, “The Fielding H. Garrison Lecture: “I Am Their Physician”: Dr. Owen J. Wister of Germantown and His Too Many Patients,” Bulletin of the History of Medicine, vol. 83, number 3, Summer 2009, 245-270.


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