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November 21-23, 1863

Saturday, November 21, 1863.

very rainy day Nelly did not get up to day Mr Powel has bin quite generous to day i have bin woching the weather all the evening in hopes it stop raining so I could go home

Sunday 22

liz Brown was here last night very pleasent day I went to church in the afternoon very good sermon after church i went to Joneses Bible class at his mrs […]

Monday 23

I have been quite sick all day my throat has not got well yet i anticipat a great deal of pleasure this evening Nell […] mills and i went down to school

Annotation 1

Advertisements such as these ran in various Philadelphia newspapers offering remedies for sore throats.

On December 19, 1863, Emilie visited a doctor about her sore throat, but she continued to suffer from the ailment until December 31, 1863. The Christian Recorder advertised a variety of treatments for sore throats that would have been readily available for Emilie to attempt to alleviate her discomfort. Such products included “Browns’ Bronchial Troches,” salt treatments, Wistar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry, Wishart’s Pine Tree Tar Cordial, and Wilsonia Magnetic insoles, meant to prevent “cold feet,” which the article suggested often caused a sore throat. Interestingly, the Christian Recorder and other local newspapers such as the Village Record also noted many invididuals who died from illnesses such as a “malignant sore throat” and an outbreak of “putrid sore throat” during the 1860s. In light of this, it is perhaps unsurprising that Emilie would consult a doctor about her own sore throat.

Annotation 2

The 1863-1864 school year began at the Institute for Colored Youth (ICY) Monday, November 24, 1863 and continued until June 6, 1864. School was held approximately every Monday evening through the duration of the school year.


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