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November 30- December 2, 1865

Thursday, November 30, 1865.

Clear and Pleasent lizzie and i went to the express office the went home i received a letter to Day Alfred is still quite sick in the evening we went to conce

Friday, December 1

rt [concert] hall to see the militonina [Miltonian]  tableaux it was very fine very variable today not very Cold Nell and I Paid visit to Maryes […] hom they looked very cozy

Saturday 2

Very Pleasent quite busy all Day mary was up this afternoon i went home in the evening EJ is better Alfred is still very ill

Annotation 1

Opened at Philadelphia’s Concert Hall on November 7, the Miltonian Tableaux featured “sixty-three splendid tableaux carrying out Milton’s idea of Heaven, Hell, Chaos and Paradise.” Nineteenth-century tableaux vivants featured elaborately decorated scenes with costumed and posed but stationary and silent actors, usually women, replicating historic scenes – in this case following the stories of Satan and Adam and Eve from the seventeenth-century poet John Milton’s Paradise Lost. The exhibit was so popular that it remained in Philadelphia until late December. “Thursday Evening, Nov. 7, 1865,” Inquirer, December 29, 1865, 3. Hovet, Tableaux Vivants, 9-10.


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