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September 4-6, 1865

Monday, September 4, 1865.

exceedingly warm to day we had one of the heavyest raines i think i ever saw this afternoon it poured an hour it cleared off in the evening i went to the meeting

Tuesday 5

very warm all day in the afternoon i started for whites stoped at Nell she went up with me we stoped at rachels bustills and betties not many at meeting Mr

Wednesday 6

Weighes was very glum very warm here all day went Down to Nells went down to see marys mother

Annotation 1

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported the abnormal and destructive amounts of rainfall on September 6, 1865.

The papers had carried news of a heat wave followed by news of “one of the heaviest rainstorms within the recollection of the oldest Philadelphian” that lasted for more than an hour. The rain disrupted visibility as well as mobility throughout the city, turning streets into “small rivulets” where “water flowed violently along.” Flooding was most severe along 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and Broad Streets. “A Severe Thunder Storm,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 5, 1865.


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